James Mckinney is a Nine Year Brain Cancer Survivor - Wilson Country Hospital
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James Mckinney is a Nine Year Brain Cancer Survivor

James Mckinney is a Nine Year Brain Cancer Survivor

The air was charged with enthusiasm and some sadness. I stood quietly by as other brain tumor survivors introduced themselves to James and told him of their survivorship. It was amazing. I just stood there smiling like a
huge dork. I couldn’t assist it. I smiled all the way house, then felt dumb about it.

And I only know aspect of the story. I know that James lost a 0K a year job after 5 back surgeries and the inability to walk or to drive. I know that he went via 9 weeks of radiation and 13 months of chemotherapy. I know that this was a profound household experience.

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When I met his mother one particular of the 1st things she told me was about a previous brain tumor walk. She tells me that his household pulled him in a wagon for a very good portion of the walk. Exhuberantly, James jumped up out of the wagon and started to urge others into the wagon, so that he could pull them.

Portion youngster and all man, James points out that the left part of his mouth droops slightly. We tell him that it really is barely noticeable. And it genuinely is not as pronounced as he thinks it is. It just adds to his rancher persona. He has one of those cool seeking mustaches and a beautiful cowboy hat that hides a significant scar.

And I was ready to stand there and just be a part of the group until finally I saw a young lady holding a sign that read Miss you Mom. That was as well a lot. I explained that even though I would like very a lot to walk with them, I just can’t. So, James gives me a massive hug and we depart, but not right up until I have signed his t-shirt. My message is straightforward.

I am glad that you are right here! Enjoy, Ginae.

James and I have discussed his scars on earlier Facebook messages. And We each choose them to acquiring no scars and no existence.

I hadn’t noticed him in twenty some thing years, since we have been each 1984 graduates from C. F. Brewer Substantial School. I bear in mind him as bubbly, stunning and kind. And he nonetheless is.

And, if you would care to send him a brief message and you are signed up with Facebook, please do so here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/james.a.mckinney1. I know that he would appreciate any kindness that you could heap up on him.

And James, I truly am glad. I am glad that you are here!

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